Treatments for Wrinkles at LaNu Medi Spa Drogheda

What anti age treatments would you like, if you had the choice ? Look young as you feel with laser anti-wrinkle, dermastamping and Botox treatments that reduces unwanted signs of aging, including wrinkles around your eyes and mouth.

At LaNu Medi Spa, we use only natural products containing Hyaluronic Acid the dermal fillers to treat wrinkles & are widely used to remove facial lines, especially frown lines, “crow’s feet”, forehead lines and marionette lines. And our laser treatments work best to remove upper layers of age-damaged skin to form new cells and slows the aging process giving you smoother younger looking skin.

Here are suitable Wrinkle Treatment options for each facial area with their prices

Treatments for Wrinkles at LaNu Medi Spa1. Crow’s Feet : Developing crow’s feet is pretty much inevitable even thought you have taken good care of it. It will appear on side of eyes when we smile. We have two most suitable treatments :
a. Botox – 1 area of your aye will cost €220
b. Dermastamping

2. Brow Droop : If you have excess skin hooding over the outer part of the eye, then go for non-surgical brow lift – anti wrinkle injections. (consult with us today for price)

3. Cheek Defination :
Dermal filler i.e. Sub Q, Perlane 1 cc €410

4. Nasolabial Folds :
a. Injectable Dermal filler i.e. Restylane, Perlane (choice of filler depends on how deep they are)
b. Skin Tightening, with Nd YAG laser. Choices include 3 D laser or YAG Tightening full face €80 x 3 sessions

5. Marionette Lines / Jowls :
a. Dermal filler i.e. Restylane
b. Laser skin tightening – Jawline lift laser €40 each x 6 monthly sessions

6. Forehead Lines :
a. Botox – 1 area €220
b. Dermastamping : full face & neck €250 each. 5 sessions recommended.

7. Frown Lines :
Botox (consult with us today for price)

8. Tear Troughs :
Dermal fillers i.e. Restylane Light € 390. Result lasts 12 months

9. Lip Border and Volume :
Dermal Injections filler i.e. Restylane Lip €410

10. Mouth Frown :
Injectable dermal fillers i.e. Restylane €360

11. Mental Crease :
Dermal fillers i.e. Restylane (consult with us today for price)

All above treatments are clinically tested, safe and performed by our experience professional staff. For any inquiry, contact us today at LaNu Medi Spa, Drogheda or call at 041-9803000 !