Therapist excellent, the facial and neck massage very relaxing, the best ever


13 December, 2017

I had a lovely treatment and I love the salon, I always come back.

Elina Shiels

13 December, 2017

I always come to Medi Spa because of the efficiency & friendly staff. Value for Money.

Breda Magill Mornington

13 December, 2017

I really love it here. It is a very relaxing & most heaven like experience. All the girls are lovely. Thank you one and all. P.S. My husband loves it here also.

Jackie Grant Mornington

13 December, 2017

This is my 3rd visit, I had a back massage before. It is always a relaxing experience. I have brought my Mam aged 79 and 3 daughters aged 25 and twins of 17, so you must be doing something right!!

Agneta Murphy Drogheda

13 December, 2017

I will recommend to all my friends, the pregnancy massage. I enjoyed the relaxing experience and the therapist was so lovely

Sonya Finnegan

13 December, 2017

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