Therapist excellent, the facial and neck massage very relaxing, the best ever


13 December, 2017

I had a lovely treatment and I love the salon, I always come back.

Elina Shiels

13 December, 2017

I always come to Medi Spa because of the efficiency & friendly staff. Value for Money.

Breda Magill Mornington

13 December, 2017

I really love it here. It is a very relaxing & most heaven like experience. All the girls are lovely. The cuppa in the relaxation room after the treatment is the icing on a very tasty cake. Thank you one and all. P.S. My husband loves it here also.

Jackie Grant Mornington

13 December, 2017

This is my 3rd visit, I had a back massage before. It is always a relaxing experience. I have brought my Mam aged 79 and 3 daughters aged 25 and twins of 17, so you must be doing something right!!

Agneta Murphy Drogheda

13 December, 2017

I will recommend to all my friends, the pregnancy massage. I enjoyed the relaxing experience and the therapist was so lovely that I am going to book more sessions with her before the baby arrives. Many thanks for a fab evening.

Sonya Finnegan

13 December, 2017

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