Tanning – Precare and Aftercare Advice

Precare Tanning Instructions

  • Do not wax or shave on the same day as tanning treatment
  • Do not wear perfumes, deodorant or aromatherapy oils as these will affect tan & discolour it
  • Body & face must be exfoliated prior to tan paying particular attention to elbows knees & any dry patches to assist with more even application & to avoid it gathering in any dry areas

Aftercare Advice – Tanning

  • Do not shower until 8 hours after application to allow tan to develop. Pat dry with towel, do not rub or you risk rubbing off some tan.
  • Avoid touching the area afterwards for several hours, to prevent rubbing the tan off
  • Pat dry with towel, do not rub or you risk rubbing off some tan.
  • Moisturise skin daily, preferably with St Tropez moisturiser which is enriched with tan prolonging enzymes, be careful with some moisturisers that may have exfoliating properties which will remove your tan sooner than expected
  • No swimming for 12 hours after application, as chlorine bleaches tan
  • No sweating or gym work for 12 hours after or you will sweat out the product.
  • Always wear loose dark clothes & flip flops home after application to avoid friction, which may remove tan
  • Tan left on clothes will wash out, as it is a vegetable dye.

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