Summer Beauty Tips – Essentials

Preventing Sunburn

Preventing sunburn is a must, it is highly recommended that we all use a factor 50 in hotter climates and if the burn is so bad that it is open or blistered, seek medical advice first. If though you are one of many whom over indulged on the beach then here are a few tips for healing sunburn…

• Aloe Vera is excellent skin healer. You can buy the gel in most chemists and it feels nice on the skin if it is left in a fridge for a few hours. Also in most hot climates the aloe plant grows freely so be on the look out and break off a leaf for fresh aloe gel.

• Healing Bath Ingredients (If you have got a little sunburnt)
1/4 cup of rolled oats
1/8 cup of whole powdered milk
1 teaspoon of loose tea leaves (green or black)
3 drops of lavender oil
2 drops of peppermint oil

Combine all of these ingredients in a handkerchief tied with string (or in a muslin cloth). Run a tepid bath and soak along with the healing bag, you can then use it as a compress to spread healing and cooling relief all over.

• Also vitamin E oil on damaged skin can promote healing and prevent scarring.

Exfoliating Tips – Nurture That Tan!

Use a body scrub and body exfoliating gloves to reveal fresh healthy glowing skin all over, both prior to and returning from holidays. After exfoliating use a milk or
oily body moisturiser to hydrate the ‘new skin’. By doing this you are
bringing fresh blood supply and nutrients to your skin, helping with
skin tone and also helping to get an even tan on your holiday or
prolong your tan after your holiday.

Spray Tan – All In The Preparation
Prep your skin the day before tanning application by
doing a full body exfoliation and moisturise. This way the spray tan
will glide onto the skin evenly and look as natural as possible.

Summer Feet of a Goddess

Don’t forget to use your body exfoliator on this area too… also use an oily moisturiser (as this is better on dryer areas) all over the feet and toes. Essies Pastelles
are all in this summer and being used by all the celebs so you can’t go
wrong by choosing a pastelle colour for both hands and feet.

Quick Tip for Summer Eyes

Tinting is an easy way to have long lasting colour on your lashes.
Great for holidays during the day while swimming and when mascara is
not a good choice.

What Make Up To Use in Summer?

Using mineral make-up instead of cream make-up during Summer is a
great choice and a welcomed change. Jane Irredale mineral make-up has an
SPF of 15 and is also non oily which means it will last all evening
even in hot weather. Mineral make-up is also non comedogenic which
means it does not clog pores or cause blockages in the skin, so make the
change now!