You’ve Got Nails! Drogheda Salon Offers the Complete Nail Experience

LaNú Medi Spa’s Beauty Salon has it nailed when it comes to nail design in Drogheda. Our expert manicurists know how to turn even the most neglected nails into things of beauty!

From the classic file and paint, we have the complete range of nail treatments here at LaNú Medi Spa.

Nail Treatments in Drogheda

File & Polish

Nails in Droghedaperfect for when you just need a tidy. Your manicurist will buff away any sharp, uneven edges and coat nails with either a coloured polish of your selection or an elegant French polish.

Shellac nails

the latest sensation in nails. Shellac is painted on to your nails like a polish but has the look and feel of a gel. It won’t chip or lose shimmer for at least two weeks and is also very gentle on your real nails.

Spa manicure

when coming in for your nail work we recommend including a spa manicure with your file and polish to really get the most out of your new look nails. A spa manicure involves a skin exfoliation treatment, a hydrating hand and arm massage and a paraffin treatment to seal in moisture for softer, younger looking skin.