Laser Hair Removal

UP TO 70% OFF LASER HAIR REMOVAL – on selected areas.
PAY AS YOU GO (Prices below per session)

Upper lip


Upper lip & Chin




Half Legs


Full legs & bikini


Under arms


Bikini Line standard


Bikini Brazilian (Strip)


Bikini Hollywood (All Off)



LaNú Medi Spa offer a choice of two laser hair removal systems.

The Cutera CoolGlide Nd YAG laser Hair reducation system has a long wavelength of 1064nm, which penetrates deeper in the skin, so is therefore suitable for darker skin types including black skin. It can treat tough resistant hairs, as it penetrates deeper and has more power. It has a cooling copper plate of 5 degrees, which increases your comfort

The Prowave 770, is an Infra Red pulsed light system has a range wavelengths from 770nm to 900nm, to treat a variethy of skin types. It is a fast system and is suitable for typical Irish pale skin types, but can alos treat warmer asian skin types too. It has a sapphire cooling tip, for increased comfort.

Our lasers can remove unwanted hair from virtually any area of the skin surface. So, now, you can have hair removed from such areas as:

  • The face, upper lip, chin,
  • Beard areas, neck, underarms, breasts,
  • Bikini areas, the back or chest, the arms or legs.