We think you’ll agree, we all feel better when we’ve had a holiday in the sun and we have a lovely sun tan to show for all that hard work sitting next to the swimming pool!

Sadly, Ireland isn’t always the best place to pick up that perfect natural sun tan. So we often turn to tanning salons and self tanning products to give ourselves a lift or for that special occasion – often with mixed results!

So, here are our Top Tips for getting the perfect tan (call it fake tan if you prefer!) every time and maintaining your sun tan for longer:

Tip 1: Exfoliate The key to getting an even tan and also to help maintain it for longer is to exfoliate before your tan is applied. Exfoliation removes any dead skin. The reason your tan can become uneven or fade quickly is because it is removed as your skin dies. Exfoliate before applying your tan and you will see a huge improvement!

Tip 2: If you are going to exfoliate with a dry mitt then you can do so on the morning of your tan. If however you are using an oil-based scrub, make sure you do this the day before you are due to have your tan. Otherwise the oils act as a barrier to the tan and the tan will not set.

Tip 3: Remove old tan before applying your new tan (see tips below on how to do this)

Tip 4:Finger nails and toe nails can become stained when tanning. To prevent this from happening simply paint a coat of clear nail varnish on all nails!

Tip 5: Always wax at least 2 days before any tanning to allow time for your skin to heal and pores to close

Tip 6: Always shave at least one day before any tanning to allow time for your skin to heal

Tip 7: Do not use deodorant or perfume as this can turn your tan green. But don’t worry if you forget, it will wash off in the shower.

Tip 8: Wear loose fitting clothes and flip flops for a minimum of 8 hours and ideally a full day to avoid leaving marks on the skin

Tip 9: Always remove jewellery before tanning (and 8 hours afterwards).

Tip 10: Avoid showering after tanning for a minimum of 8 hours and ideally a full day

MaintainYour Tan For Longer

Tip 1: Moisturise as much as possible, especially after a shower when skin can become dry

Tip 2: After showering, pat dry instead of towelling. Towelling can act as an exfoliant

Tip 3: Avoid swimming pools as chlorine can bleach the skin and remove your tan in the process

Tip 4: Avoid taking a long shower or bath as this will also shorten the life of your tan

Removing Your Old Tan

Tip 1: To remove tan from stubborn areas such as knees, elbows, wrists & fingers, exfoliate these areas with a sea salt using an exfoliating mitt

Tip 2: You can also use equal measurements of lemon juice and salt as a scrub

Tip 3: For best results, exfoliate after having a hot bath or steam

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